The Encore Company is a startup studio that builds market disruptive businesses that can scale globally. Encore finds categories where Korea is a trend-leader or has a competitive advantage, tests product market fit quickly, and uses its global network to expand to other markets.  


Encore is started by the founders of TMON (a leading e-commerce platform in Korea) and Pikicast (a leading news & entertainment app in Korea). Other members of Encore and its portfolio companies have experience in some of the top VC-backed startups in Korea.  Given the team’s deep experience, Encore’s companies can iterate with speed & agility and make fewer execution mistakes.




Daniel Shin, Partner 

As a Chairman of TMON and co-founder of Fast Track Asia, Dan works with companies’ CEO’s to build a robust strategy. Dan also leads business development of Terra.

Joon Choi, Partner

As a former co-founder of Pikicast, Joon runs the operation for Encore as well as provides operations, marketing, and strategic guidance and support for Encore’s companies.  

Kai Kim, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

As a former director of creative center at TMON, Kai leads business of inthewear. 
“inthewear” is growing at a rocket speed with an average monthly growth rate of 1,000%, since Aug 2019. 

Lawrence Sohn, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

An in-depth leader in both business and development, he has worked with Deutsche Bank Investment Bank and Fortress Investment Group Hedge Fund. Since then, he has developed various apps and built his own career as an entrepreneur.

JK Kim, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

As a former business development manager of ST Unitas, JK identifies and evaluates potential business items as well as being exposed to business-building processes to provide assistance to the Encore's companies. 



Encore has partnered with the following companies.

Every woman has her own beautiful fit, and any body type becomes more beautiful and healthy when she has her own fit.
"Inthewear" cheers all women to be confident and dignified.
We are making Korea's first underwear subscription program [Monthly, gasm]. Today, we are experiencing a successful business, growing 1,000% monthly.
"Inthewear" is creating a new history of underwear brand with the slogan [healthy, beautifully].

An exclusive platform where top brands can find and collaborate with social influencers. Currently, Social Club is focused on partnering with top influencers to market and sell beauty brands to their followers. Given the scale of K-beauty and the high adoption rate of social media, Korea is the best place to scale an influencer-driven cosmetics platform.



At Encore, we believe people are our most important asset.  We believe in hiring only the best and fostering an environment where everyone can challenge each other and learn. Only when the team is comprised of strong, dedicated individuals and everyone is aligned with the vision can you experience the speed of execution we at Encore strive for.  


We don’t necessarily look for people with long careers or fancy titles.  Here is what we look for in Encore’s people:


  • People looking to grow. We want to work with people on their steepest upward trajectory.  

  • Proactive people. We look for people who can turn problems into solutions and solutions into action.

  • People who are not afraid of change or uncharted territory. We look for people willing to place bets.

  • Execution-driven people. While we like thinkers, we believe thoughts are only valuable to the extent they are implemented.

  • People who are customer-obsessed. We look for people who understand that ultimate stakeholder is the customer and monitors customer feedback to improve the incremental 1%.

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